Eliminates Water: As engine components heat up and cool down, water will become present in your engine. As small amounts of diesel fuel, which contains sulphur, pass by the piston rings and end up in the oil, the sulphur in the fuel will mix with the water to create sulphuric acid. The Kleenoilfilter will remove water to less than 0.05% and therefore greatly reduces the formation of sulphuric acid that will cause accelerated wear to engine components.

Removes Dirt and Contaminants:  Dirt and wear metals will always be present in hydraulic and engine oil. Indeed, most fluid changes are performed in order to rid oil of dirt and contaminants. Accelerated wear and damage to equipment can be caused by particles around 3 to 6 microns in size, yet conventional filters only filter out particles down to approximately 10 microns in size. Kleenoilfilters however will filter out particles down to 1 micron, thereby reducing the number of engine failures and rebuilds.

Preserves Desirable Elements:   Certain components, such as dispersants, detergents, oxidation and rust inhibitors, pour-point depressants, metal de-activators, and anti-foaming and gelling agents, are purposely placed in lubrication oil to enhance its performance. Although the Kleenoilsystem removes dirt, contaminants, wear-metal particles, and water, it does not remove these necessary and useful additives.

Extends Oil change and Drain Intervals: Because it is kept clean and free of water as well as retaining its additive package, oil filtered through the Kleenoilsystem can be run longer without any risk whatsoever to the engine. Proper oil analysis will indicate the oil's life span, but our experience has shown that the Kleenoil Filtration System can extend the drain interval up to ten times.

Reduces Time Needed for Service:   Changing the KleenoilFilter Cartridge requires much less time than what is required to perform a conventional full fluid change. Simply remove the lid from the container, take out the old cartridge and replace it with a new one. This can be done in less than 10 minutes and without the worry of spilling oil and disposing of contaminated fluids.

Continuous Protection Provided:   The KleenoilFiltration System is installed to filter the fluid whenever there is oil pressure. Once the engine or the hydraulic pump is activated and there is fluid pressure, the fluid continuously passes through the densely wound filter cartridge. The cartridge is wound with pure, virgin, coniferous long fibre wood pulp paper. This design allows the water to be extracted from the fluid, yet still allows the larger oil molecules to pass through. The dirt and wear metal particles are trapped in the filter, giving you a continuous, self-contained fluid recycling system.

Good for the Environment:   Oil is a finite resource and will inevitably run out one day. Because the Kleenoil filter keeps oil running longer, you will have to purchase less oil throughout the now extended life of the unit. Consequently, engines and hydraulic systems with the KleenoilFiltration System installed will create less used oil. Disposing of used, contaminated oil creates a risk to the environment and proper disposal methods must be followed to safeguard the environment for future generations. Reducing the amount of fluid that has to be disposed is one way of reducing our impact on the already over-taxed environment.